Our History

Gerry Weir purchased a dilapidated timber mill in Ipswich at just 23 years old. Having completed his woodworking apprenticeship this is where his journey began in the furniture making business. He then went on to own two antique shops in Ipswich town for some 20 odd years, Gerrys knowledge and expertise in period furniture became re known and trade buyers would rely on him to source and restore container loads of furniture to be shipped all over the world. His timber mill premises soon occupied several cabinet makers, both restoring antiques as well as making new furniture for customers who couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for in the antique market.

Now 65 years on from the humble beginnings with brother and sister Mark and Louise, the company continues to grow and has diversified with the many economical ups and down, fashions and fads of the furniture industry over the last few decades. Mark started at the bench at 16 and developed his skills as a cabinet maker for many years. Louise joined the business at the tender age of 20 developing a keen interest in design. Both have devoted decades to this family business which now employs some of the best most dedicated cabinet makers and French polishers. Having concentrated on making bespoke furniture for since the 1990’s there is a vast amount of experience to drawn down upon in terms of cabinet making, design and customer service.

The workshops and showroom and nestled down by the River Deben in Woodbridge, a perfect location for a traditional craft such as woodworking. We look forward to seeing you.